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New Song: C(anna)bis Podcast

The story behind this song:

When Anna Conte was an infant, she was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. Anna and her family struggled with this disease her entire life. She spent years in the hospital, had seizures almost daily and sometimes multiple times a day, and could not enjoy the same life as healthy children her age.

There is no cure for Dravet Syndrome, but recently, a treatment that greatly diminishes the symptoms of the disease has been in use in several states. Charlotte's Web was created for a little girl named Charlotte who's a lot like Anna, and Charlotte has shown massive improvement with the drug. Anna and her mom visited Colorado, where Charlotte lives, and Anna showed improvement too.

Unfortunately, Anna could not access Charlotte's Web in New York State because it is a strain of medical marijuana. While Anna would not need to smoke marijuana or get high to be treated, she still couldn't take this medication because of the plant it comes from.

The Contes and other families with epileptic children fought hard to legalize medical marijuana in what is called the Compassionate Care Act, and they were successful! But the Act included time delays, which meant Anna still couldn't receive Charlotte's Web.

For Anna, it was too much time. She passed away in July, 2014 at the age of nine as the result of a severe seizure. Two other children in New York State have passed away because they could not receive treatment.

Anna had a beautiful smile and a bright soul. This song is in her memory, and I wrote it with the hope that anyone with an illness can access the right medications. Politics should not get in the way of people's health.

You can download the song for free here. There is a donation button (to support my music) but if you're feeling generous, I hope you will consider donating to the Dravet Syndrome Foundation. For free, you can also shoot an email to your representative and let him or her know you support fair access to medication. If you enjoy listening to this song, please share it with your friends so they can hear the message too.


You know you love college when you're excited about next semester's classes being released! I'm learning so much here and I could not be luckier!

It's Been a While | 9.30.14 

I know it's been so long since I've posted something. I've been so busy at school! All is well though. I wish I had more time to play. My guitar is currently under my bed, calling my name, but three tests tomorrow means songwriting will have to wait! I've already made so many great friends at Syracuse! (Can you find me? I chopped my hair off!)

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    The colors seem to fade.
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